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If you are interested in writing about Government and Private Jobs Information for Us. Currently, ‘Vacancysquare’ are looking ‘write for us‘ content in career, education, online training, study, exams preparation, syllabus, vacancies, interview preparation, admission, private jobs niche, study abroad, exams tips and tricks niche, skill management, courses, training, colleges, universities, computer training providers and so on.

Vacancysquare cordially invite you to “write for us” in different category like Government Sarkari Yojana, Careers, Government Schemes, Education Post and scholarships related post. We among the best job Information provider website in India.

What We Publish?

Vacancysquare.com focuses on write for us free, write for us startup, write for us education, write for us job, write for us news, write for us business blog, write for us articles, write for us and get paid and business news content. We are looking for writers who can write for us and we can publish original articles on our website. We aim to help businesses, marketers, and creative’s discover insightful articles about jobs, career, education and business blog.

What We Don’t Publish?

There are following of the things that keep in mind where write for us to share with us. Here a list of items given that we did not publish these types of material on our website:-
  • Already published content
  • Copied content
  • Too much promotion
  • Copied content
  • Misleading information
  • Use of images / videos
  • Individual profiles
  • Copyright material

Write for us : Guidelines - Vacancysquare

Article / blogs submitted at Vacancysquare platform creates a long lasting impression that indeed creates a fruitful atmosphere to gain experience. Please ensure that all posts are 100% unique, genuine, engaging, and SEO-friendly with cross-references to factual sources like image.

Guidelines for ‘Write for Us’ on Vacancysquare.

Proper Keyword Research: Do a proper keyword research on the related niche and send the article on a trending topic. Target 4-5 low competitive keywords.

Unique Content: Your content must be unique, engaging and creative not spin or plagrism that hasn’t been published somewhere else before writing for us. Break up text with headings and include bullet points is good.

Related Content: Write article should be related to the below-mentioned topic or categories. Please see niche. User friendly content and able to understand each point with ease.

Average Content Length: Your Article Should be 1000 to 3000 words long. Vacancysquare use average 1200 – 1500 words contents and We will check the content before publishing on site. You can prefer more than 1000 unique words and that will publish fast.

Bio and Promotion: Please Include a two-lines bio of yourself, along with your social media links.

Hyperlink: Any irrelevant links will be removed from the content. Please don’t do keyword stuffing and copy content from other websites. Vacancysquare are providing 2 Dofollow and 2 no-follow social media links (Websites or LinkedIn profiles). For Example: You can insert the all reference links or source like – Wikipedia.

Images: Use proper image should be in JPG or PNG format and zip all image files in one single folder named IMAGES or any keyword name. You should use at least one featured image. Also use any images like Infographics, Facts, Graph, Stats, Trends and Videos etc.

Article Submit: Be clear in what you want to say. Submit your article in MS Word, Google Doc, Zip File, HTML file, and Notepad File.

Webmaster Guidelines: You must follow the Google webmaster guidelines for the content submissions.

Varify: Once you send the article it will take one or two days to publish. We verify each post properly before publishing so please make sure that it is an exclusive write for us.

Company Promotion Article – We do not accept any type of promotion article or part of a promotion in an article.

If we found you’re violating in the content, we take a strict action and removing all your backlink from Vacancysquare.

Write for us : Features - Vacancysquare

If you are interested in writing about Job, Education and Career, Vacancysquare is best for you to write for us. We are among the best Write for us websites which accept posts related to education, careers and jobs. You can see our features related write for us submission.

Check here following of the features of Vacancysquare.

  • Do Follow Links – Up to 3 dofollow links for your reputable website​
  • Custom Image Option – You can provide your own image if you’d like in the email.
  • Permanent Post – The post will live on our Vacancysquare site and never be deleted*.
  • No Article? No problem! – If you don’t have an article, just provide your links and we’ll add it to our existing pages or we can write unique articles for you in term of some blog exchange.

Write for Us : Benefits​ - Vacancysquare

  • We have 12,000+ Feedburner verified email addresses.
  • Above 18,000+ Subscribers in our push notifications.
  • Our most of the blog on the first page of Google

Select Any Topics to Write for us

  • Jobs & Careers Postal Related
  • Jobs Interview Question & Answers
  • Tips & Tricks to get a job
  • Scheme and Yojana Blog
  • Career Advice & Consultancy
  • A Government jobs Post,
  • Private Jobs or Notification,
  • Career in College or Organisation,
  • Multi-National & Public Sector Companies,
  • Abroad jobs and Notifications

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Write for us : Niche Category Wise

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Write for us : Vacancysquare Broad Niche

Here are the following broad Niche that given below:

Hiring and Firing

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Employment and placement specialist

'Write for Us' : Blog Submission

Before you submitting your blog, know that due to the number of posts we receive, Maybe Delay replying to every submission of ‘write for us‘. It is safe to assume that if we do not reply to you within one weeks, your submission will not be published. Before Submitting jobs or blog Please Check Your Article for CopyScape and Plugrisum. Please Re-check and Read Again Above details before hitting the send button because, we are accepting 100% unique post.

After Sending Article we are adding some of the article links for SEO purpose. After Sending Article we are authorized to update minor changes as our guideline and SEO Compebilty.

Send Your Query Here – info@vacancysquare.com

The ‘Write for us’ Price is 10$ (750/- Rs only)

How to Connect with us?

Once your blog is approved, you can find URL link on your mail inbox that send by Vacancysquare marketing team. We wish you all the best. Happy Writing.

If you are interested, please share the first draft or a brief pitch with the topic and key communication points with us at info@vacancysquare.com OR vacancysquare@gmail.com

Write for Us: FAQs 2021

Why is Guest Posting Important to Your Website?

“Write for us” is one of the most popular SEO strategies that all companies have been using for a long time. It offers many benefits for any type of website. Write for us will help provide you with a platform to showcase your valuable expertise and ideas / knowledge. So that you can gain strength as an authority figure within your market. Helping you build relationships with market leaders and grow your audience.

It will also be a for-profit platform for emerging writers or fledgling companies to grow and develop their roots in the market.

So what are you waiting for! Write us today at Vacancysquare.com

Who Do We Allow to Write for Us?

We only accept individual writers, business, professional writers, entrepreneur, creative writer or freelancers to write for us and get paid. Vacancysquare prefer content from bloggers, entrepreneur, agency, and creators who have in-depth knowledge, rather than the general business, entrepreneur, education, career, jobs or marketing. We are accepting only own niche content / post. So, check content and write for us.

For more details send a mail at : info@vacancysquare.com