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IELTS for Studying Abroad – IELTS for Working Abroad: Over 3.7 million students go abroad to study in English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, the USA, UK, and New Zealand.

The universities of these countries have prerequisite admission criteria for students from non-English speaking countries.

Regardless of how fluent you are in English, for admission to any university abroad in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., you will need to successfully go through an English proficiency test.

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IELTS happens to be one of the most popular globally accepted English language written and verbal proficiency tests. World’s most popular English language test IELTS full form is (International English Language Testing System).

The English proficiency test was jointly created by the Cambridge English Language Assessment and International Development Program Education, Australia.

People looking forward to studying or working abroad are required to take the test to prove their fluency in English.

Moreover, there is Academic IELTS for abroad university/college admission, and there is general IELTS Life Skills which was recently approved by the UK government as a supporting document for UK Visas and UKVI (Immigration) application.

Here’s more of it in detail.

IELTS for Studying Abroad

All the colleges and universities in the UK accept IELTS test results for admission to their program.

There are 1000 IELTS locations worldwide from where Tier 4 student visa applicants can apply for the test with IELTS for Working Abroad.

The Academic IELTS test is mandatory for all students looking forward to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. However, if you are applying for non-degree programs, you can apply for the general IELTS test.

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Depending on your IELTS score, you can submit your admission application to selective universities. Also, check the university website to determine the IELTS version required for admission.

Depending on the degree type, your IELTS score will vary. For example, you have taken admission to an abroad university/college with a 7.5 IELTS score for (IELTS for Studing Abroad).

However, If you plan for further education, such as a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, you may need to retake the test as these programs require higher IELTS scores than its prequel.

IELTS for Working Abroad

To work abroad in any English speaking country, a language proficiency test is obligatory to obtain a work visa. You can either opt for vocational English or competent English language skills.

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The IELTS score for working abroad varies among the countries where the applicant is applying for a Visa.

IELTS for Working In UK

To apply for a work Visa in the UK, the minimum score is 6.5 for Reading, Speaking, Listening, and writing.

IELTS for Working in Canada

To work in Canada, applicants need to connect with the organization applying for a job and ask for the minimum IELTS score required. Some employers may have their language requirements, so it is better to cross-check directly with the recruiter.

IELTS for Working In Australia

Generally, the average score required to obtain a visa is between 5 to 6 points in Australia. 5 means vocational fluency, whereas anything above 6 means the candidate is competent in English.

IELTS for Working In New Zealand

With a General/Academic IELTS score above 4, you can apply for a work visa in New Zealand. However, some organizations require additional proficiency tests and some may even ask for the applicant’s family proficiency in English for IELTS for Working Abroad.

Depending on the country, the profession, and the organization, the IELTS test type and score will vary. The above is generic information gathered from various sources and former applicants.

IELTS for Immigration

The UK government has recently included IELTS as a part of their immigrant application process for citizenship and permanent residence applicants.

Language proficiency is considered strongly related to the applicant’s ability to work, socialize, and become a part of the community by the UK government in IELTS for Working Abroad.

The IELTS for immigration is developed and named the IELTS for UKVI by the UK-government-approved testing agency, Secure English Test (SELT).

The test requires you to demonstrate your verbal and listening skills according to the A1 or B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Unlike Academic IELTS, where you are given a band score at the end, at the IELTS Life Skills test, you will get a pass/fail result.

Why Should You Take Up An IELTS Course?

An IELTS exam helps you to assess your English proficiency. It is also required for admission to any college/university in any country with English as the native language.

IELTS is also required to apply for a work visa or immigration in those countries. And the best part is, you can apply for IELTS from anywhere in the world, and there are numerous IELTS coaching Institutes preparing candidates for the test.

IELTS Provides You Global Study Opportunities

Have you ever dreamt of studying at Harvard, Cambridge, or any foreign universities/colleges? Then IELTS will help you to take your dream further. With 1000 centers’ global presence, you can apply for IELTS and book an admission to your dream college/university.

IELTS Helps With Work Visa

Not only for academics, but IELTS will also play a big role in shaping your professional career as well. Moreover, having a good IELTS score will also improve your chances of getting your work Visa approved easily. However, the type of test (Academic/Skills Test) will depend on the country and the organisation.

Helps in Building Confident

Have you ever lacked confidence while conversing with a native-English speaker? If yes, then IELTS will help you to judge your proficiency and build confidence in IELTS for Working Abroad.

Assist You to Learn The Difference Between American English And British English

Being non-native English speakers, often we get confused between some words that are spelled and pronounced differently in British accent and American accent.

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With an IELTS course, you will be clearly able to distinguish the difference between the two.


Geographical boundaries may cause you trouble while going to another country for academic/work purposes. However, that shouldn’t stop you. If language is the only thing holding you back, then IELTS is the gateway to your aspirations.

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