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Thank you for your interest in Vacancysquare, the exclusive jobs notification channel for the community! The largest site for jobs, advertising, and marketing in the Asia Pacific region. We are following of the advertisement accepts : –

  • Banner & Native Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts 
  • Branding
  • Job Postings

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Why advertise on Vacancysquare?

Vacancysquare is focused on jobs advertising, media advertising and marketing recruitment banner advertising. Thanks to our presence on Google for the awesome service we provide with the help of our website. Advertise your business with us, Advertising with us in India at a reliable price. We provide a focused platform to reach young professionals in the community. Vacancysquare is a trusted and preferred option for firms in the space for advertising.

  • Bull’s-eye target of highly desirable targeted audience of job seekers in worldwide!
  • To advertise with us for more traffic and sales
  • Drive awareness and sales with highly engaged and influential audience with us!

Vacancysquare: Advertisement Space

There are following of the simple and laser-like focused advertisement space available in the Vacancysquare site.

  • Sticky Leaderboard (728 × 90)
  • Inline Leaderboard (728 × 90)
  • Sticky Sidebar Halfpage (300 × 600)
  • Sidebar Medium Rectangle (300 × 250)

Options for Advertising with Us

We provide a focused platform to reach young professionals in the community.

  • Sponsored Posts 

If your product is related to the job sector, such as study material or guides, then Vacancysquare is the right place for you to post your advertisement. The sponsored post job is a new addition to the Vacancysquare, so prices are significantly lower. We are not only write a complete review of your product or service, but we can also share tutorials and guides for using your product.

  • Job Postings

Unlimited job postings n the Vacancysquare home page for one year. So, If you are interested then send a mail. Advertisement we accept for jobs and career.

  • Brand Awareness

Your logo will be part of the permanent placement for top employers on the Vacancysquare home page. The logo will be clickable and a micro-site will appear that will report your company and all of its publications in one place.

  • Link Ads or Marque Running Text with Link

We can provide you link ads, if your product is related to our niche OR if you want to advertise with us we are always here. Advertise with us today. 

  • Native Advertising

Native advertising is much like sponsored content but with the unique features & feel of Vacancysquare journalism.

  • Banners, video and interactive

To increase your campaign, the longevity of your jobs posting, products and services exposure, your marketing teams can consider the following ads advertise with us Targeted social media, Branded video, Podcasts, Tactical banner advertising, Surveys / Quizzes.

Vacancysquare Advertising Features

There are the following of the features given below:

  • Unlimited space for ads.
  • Multiple Email IDs to collect responses data.
  • Branding opportunity with your logo on the posted area.
  • Interactive advertise with us features 
  • World wide reach through Job Alerts.
  • Each job is live for 15, 30 days and 6 Month from the date of posting.
  • Multiple payment option available
  • Our service 24*7 available
  • Adblock friendly, complimentary to other ads.
  • Provides long tail exposure and SEO.
  • Custom pricing option available.

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Advertise to the Vacancysquare website largest Indian jobs information website with over 75,000+ page views in a month!

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Payments accepted online via Credit Cards, Debit Card, (Visa, MasterCard, Amex)  Google Pay, PayPal, PhonePe and NetBanking mode only.

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Digital Material Submission

In email attachment please share the following of the data of information: Company name, contact name, contact number, website, expected starting date and advertisement size that want to be running on our website.

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